To be ready to really expertise the enjoyment of happiness we've to understand manner live every moment of happiness in a very fervent and worry-free way. By 'live' I mean to surrender ourselves thereto. in spite of however mundane the instant that brought USA happiness could also be (perhaps a slice of cheese cake), or however short it should last, we tend to should absolutely offer ourselves thereto for that moment and completely relish it. we tend to should live every happy moment whenever it emerges as a result of the ups and downs of life aren't so much behind them and continuously knock on our door.
Happy Moments
Happy Moments

Happiness isn't solely found within the massive moments, however additionally within the little gestures: in a very lovely smile; in a very heat comforting embrace, or one stuffed with love associated longing; In being kind to associateother; within the valuable recommendation from somebody we tend to respect; within the silence of an loving look; Re-encountering a childhood friend or in an sudden call from somebody we tend to love.

Longing and yearning also can bring USA happiness, although it's brought USA sorrow at some purpose in time. Happiness will emerge the second we tend to hug somebody who's been away for a protracted time; {when we tend to|once we|after we} visit an area from our childhood and keep in mind the loved moments we lived there; once we re-encounter a protracted lost love and muse over our young  devotion, and in several alternative wistful, melancholy moments that square measure forever with USA.

Happiness can also be found in those moments where we travel to a place for the first time, a city, or a country we always wanted to visit but for some reason, we never had the chance to. And if such a moment is shared with the person we love, the moment becomes that much happier. It becomes unforgettable.

To live happiness is not difficult. We must practice living each of those moments letting happiness wash over us no matter how mundane or brief the moments may be. Living those moments will eventually come naturally to us and when that happens, it will be hard to stop happiness from racing into our hearts as often as it will. And why would we want to?

We must not allow ourselves to become bitter by dwelling in the many hardships that will certainly come our way as we walk our path in life. As long as we fully live the happy moments, they will by far outweigh the sad ones.

By: Suzana Correa
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